Need a Burglar Alarm System for Your Business?

Why You Should Own a Burglar Alarm System

According to CNBC, the crime rate against small businesses has spiked since 2019. Whether more people have decided they don’t care about the consequences or current criminals have just become more prolific is a moot point. If you want to defend everything you’ve worked for to make your business a reality, you need to invest in its defense, and the first line of defense for any company should be its alarms.

Different Types of Burglar Alarms

There are two primary types of alarms to choose from, audible and silent alarms. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but what you end up choosing is largely dependent on where your business is located and what you want your alarm to achieve.

Audible Alarms

Any burglar alarm that makes a loud noise when the security trips is an audible alarm. One of the main objectives of an intruder is to remain undetected, so if a loud alarm starts blaring in a populated area, the pressure’s on them to run as fast as they can to avoid being caught. The primary point of an audible alarm is to scare the intruder into running away before they can do any damage.

Savvy intruders will sometimes wait nearby to see what the reaction from the owner or the police will be, but most petty criminals will grab whatever’s in arm’s reach when the loud noises start and run away. 

Audible alarms are ideal when:

  • Your store is located in a populated area
  • The police response time is fast
  • You don’t care about catching the intruder as much as you do scaring them off

Silent Alarms

A silent alarm is designed to involve a little psychological warfare. The point is to trick the intruder into thinking there is no alarm, so they take their time. If there isn’t a blaring noise with a strobing red light to scare them, all but the most experienced burglars will fall into a false sense of security. 

By spending more time inside your business, the local authorities will have a greater chance of arriving while the intruder is still there and stopping them from escaping with any of your goods.

Silent alarms are ideal when:

  • Your business isn’t located in a populated area
  • The police response time is slow
  • You want the intruder caught rather than scared away

Fake Alarms

Your third option isn’t one we recommend, but it is a choice. Similar to audible alarms, a fake alarm is there to make a loud noise when an intruder breaks into your business. The intruder may be scared off, or a nearby civilian may call the police, but these alarms are not linked to local authorities. 

If a savvy intruder decides to hide and wait to see what happens, they’ll be delighted when no one arrives to check the noise and will resume robbing your business when the coast is clear.


What You Get With Millennium

Personalized care, superior customer support, and high-quality equipment. These are the promises we make to all our customers, and we’ve held true to them each and every time. For business security solutions, including burglar alarm systems, 24/7 security monitoringCCTV, and much more, you won’t find anyone better than Millennium.

Custom-Made Security

Cookie-cutter solutions are never optimized for your business’ defense. It’s the opposite, actually. They’re designed to save the security provider money by streamlining their services and products as much as possible. We don’t believe in providing an inferior service for a more efficient payday, though.

All of Millennium’s business security systems are professionally installed by expert technicians who understand how to optimize a security system. Installations and security equipment are customized to fit your needs, ensuring that the final system you decide on is perfect for the job.

24/7 Monitoring Service

Not only do we provide installation services and the equipment itself, but we’ll also watch your burglar alarm system remotely from our Longwood monitoring station. Rather than worrying every night over the safety of your business, you can sleep soundly knowing that friendly eyes are watching over and keeping your property safe. If we detect your system tripping, we’ll immediately inform the local authorities to send help your way.

Local Company

If you’ve ever been left on hold for half an hour, you know that large national companies rarely have the best customer service. They can be irritating to get a hold of, hard to communicate your problems to, and rarely ever provide you with the kind of personalized service your business deserves. Millennium Fire & Security is not a large national company.

We are a small business that’s been providing business security solutions to the Central Florida region for over 16 years. Because we’re a faceless corporation, you know exactly who you’re talking to any time you give us a call, and on that matter, you can be sure that when you call us, we’ll always pick up! We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide our customers, but more importantly, we genuinely love helping to keep our community safe.


Customer retention and repeat business are a core part of our business philosophy. What that means is we’re not interested in taking advantage of you. When you hire Millennium, you’ll never have to worry about upselling or underhanded tactics to trick you into paying more than you need. 

If we feel your business would genuinely benefit from additional security, like a surveillance system or thermal imaging, we’ll suggest it, but we’ll never push redundant or “overkill” security measures on you.


How to Contact Millennium Fire & Security

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your commercial security systems or start off fresh with something brand new, Millennium is here to take your call! Please feel free to leave us your details on our website or call us at (407) 974-7895.

We hope to hear from you soon!