Security Systems Help With More Than Just Break-ins!

The benefits of investing in a security system like those offered from Millennium Fire and Security, can far exceed simple burglary prevention. In fact, security systems can mitigate a variety of emergency situations ranging from fire-related damage to carbon monoxide leaks and floods. So, if you’re still on the fence about whether to purchase a security system consider the following scenarios owning a quality security system can help you avoid.


1. Break-ins


First and most notably, security systems can significantly reduce the risk of falling prey to burglary. Door and window alarms, motion-detecting sensors and cameras all increase the level of protection of your business.


2. Fires


Fire systems are an integral part of any home or business. Smoke detectors will alert you to potential fires and can even trigger emergency and medical response teams to dispatch to your location while you focus on getting yourself and your employees to safety.


3. Floods and Water Leaks


Undetected flooding, even for a few minutes, can cause permanent damage to your business. To prevent flood damage, many alarm companies offer water and flood sensors that will notify you of any excess water, potentially saving you thousands in reparative costs and downtime.


4. Carbon monoxide leaks


It’s colorless, odorless, deadly—and often called the “silent killer.” Carbon monoxide is emitted by appliances, vehicles, and various heaters. Many fire alarms systems include carbon monoxide detection which can prevent you and employees from potentially breathing in this harmful gas.


The owners of Millennium Fire & Security have over 60 years of experience between them in fire alarm, security, access control, data wiring and camera systems.


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