4 Things You Need To Know When Choosing A Door Lock

At face value, choosing a door lock seems like a very simple thing; you want the best one you can get for the best defense.  But with so many specialized door locks out there, it’s more a matter of what you’d prefer and what you think is best for your specific situation.

This article will discuss the many different kinds of locks you have access to, their strengths, and their weaknesses.


Basic Locks

Basic locks are the sort of mechanisms you’re used to seeing.  Basic door locks, deadbolts, chain locks and others like them fall under this category.  While not particularly impressive, these locks are cheap, easy to install, and decent enough for low-security situations.  If you aren’t too concerned with someone breaking into a room but you still want to dissuade them, these are good choices.


Because they’re the cheapest and the most uniquitous, they’re also the easiest for average thieves to bypass.  These locks, even deadbolts, can be lockpicked in seconds by someone who really knows what they’re doing.  So, for situations like your home or business entrance, we always suggest something with a bit more impact to it.


Anti-Pick Locks

Anti-pick locks are, as the name suggests, resistant to lockpicks.  They achieve this in a variety of ways.  Sometimes the pin stacks are given a mushroom shape that catches as they’re being picked, making it difficult to tell when they’re in the correct position.  Othertimes the pins are given ridges so they lock in incorrect places, creating a similarly irritating problem for the lockpicker.


These locks are essentially upgraded versions of your basic locks mentioned above.  While far more difficult to pick than the average lock, it’s still possible to bypass them with a basic kit.  It’s important to keep in mind that only advanced lockpicks will comfortably move past these locks.


Anti-Drill Locks

Anti-drill locks are reinforced door locks designed to stop a powerdrill from forcing its way past the locking mechanism.  While not a stealthy method of entry, depending on your location, loud noises might not be a problem for potential thives.  Normal locks aren’t made out of materials strong enough to resist a power drill, but anti-drill locks are typically made out of much harder materials like steel.


Just like the anti-pick locks, these can be picked by professional thieves.  A weaknesses it shares with all the previous entries is less mechanical and more logistical.  If you’re running a business with dozens of people all having access to the front door, you might run into situations where someone loses their key.  If this happens, you have to call a locksmith, redo the lock, and reissue keys to everyone.  This is a laborious, expensive process, and one that can be avoided with the final option.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks have become far more common in recent years.  They come in several different forms, including retinal scanners, fingerprint scanners, number pads, and more.  The great thing about electronic locks is the lack of a key, and the ease of changing access.  With something like a finerprint scanner, only the people you want accessing your space will be able to, and with a keypad, if the number is compromised, just change it.


The big weakness electronic locks carry is the sheer fact that electronics are in use.  If there’s ever a power shortage, you’ll lose access to your building until power is restored.  This can be circumvented by having a secondary physical key access, but then you run into the same problem the previous options had with lockpicks.


We’ll Find the Perfect Lock for Your Needs

Everyone’s needs are different, and that’s why Millennium Fire & Security shines brighter than the rest.  While larger security companies will upsell and push the “next best thing” these solutions are usually overkill, or they’re not designed with you in mind.

At Millennium Fire & Security, we aren’t interested in convincing you to buy something you don’t need; we go over the options we feel are best for your business or home and we always explain why.  We find the best solutions for our clients, ensuring that you choose the most effective and affordable option for you.

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