7 Easy Shoplifting Prevention Tips

At Millennium Fire & Security, we believe in prevention. Which is why we recommend that business owners train employees in how to spot a potential workplace threat.


Thankfully, there are many simple tips business owners and employees can adopt to diminish the chances of a crime. Here are seven of the most tried-and-true crime prevention tips for businesses:


Make eye contact

When someone enters your place of business, let them know you’re aware of their presence. Kindly welcome them and offer assistance.  “I’ll be with you in a moment” is a common greeting and shoplifters hate it.


Be wary of groups

Especially groups of young customers, such as those that might carry backpacks to stealthily stash your inventory. Pay particular attention if the group breaks up and heads in different directions or if any individuals linger.


Be mindful of your restricted areas

People who hang around employee-only areas have more opportunity than those who don’t. Always keep sensitive areas locked or otherwise inaccessible to the public.


Pay attention to price tags

Bait and switch isn’t just a car sales tactic. Shoplifters would rather risk a price tag switch than a full 5-finger discount. “At least I didn’t steal it,” is a common rationalization. Keep a mental inventory of prices (or a price list at the register) to be able to double-check you’re charging the right amount.


Check bags & containers

Another common shoplifting trick is to stow smaller items inside larger ones. Have employees thoroughly check goods with pockets or compartments to make sure nothing is being smuggled out.


 Showing secured items

Items that must be requested to be seen, such as jewelry, should always be handled with care. Only show one piece at a time in the presence of other employees.


Handsy Individuals

Handling a lot of merchandise without making a purchase is a shoplifting indicator. Ask the individual if they need help finding something while maintaining eye contact. This reaffirms to the individual that you see them.


Remember, it’s your business and your merchandise. Be protective, proactive, and stay safe. Call Millennium Fire & Security for more tips. Ask about our security systems, cameras, alarms, lighting, and much more. We’ll watch when you can’t.