De-Coding Alarm Codes

Have you thought about your alarm code?  Do you have a security password?  Are you confident your passwords are strong enough?  The truth is, most of us use passwords that aren’t as strong as we think.


Take our advice. Opportunists will go to any lengths to break into your business, and they’re good at it.


Many alarm systems have four digits, which allows for 10,000 potential code combinations. However, most people choose simple and easy-to-remember passwords.


Millennium Fire & Security has a few suggestions:


  • First, never use duplicate digits like 9999, 4444, etc. A burglar will find your code in a heartbeat. Cracking a code nowadays is as simple as running a password-cracking program.


  • Did you know that 1234 is the most frequently used password and that 10% of passwords contain that combination? If it’s easy for you to remember, it’s really easy for someone to figure it out.  Your code should be unpredictable, so avoid this mistake.


  • Don’t use birth dates or anniversary dates. In an analysis of passwords it was discovered that codes beginning with “19” ranked high in frequency. Many people use a special date as a code.  Remember, if a date is readily available online or on your ID, a thief can find them and crack the code to disable your alarm.


Making a strong alarm code: 


  • Use Random, unidentifiable numbers not connected to you or your family.


  • Uniqueness is your friend! Never re-use a password, and never use the same password for your business and your home.


  • Do not share your password and never write it down. Change it periodically, we recommend at least monthly.


Note: Many businesses use the same code for everyone. Update passwords periodically. This prevents disgruntled employees and others individuals from falling prey to opportunist crime.


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