8 Office Fire Prevention Tips

The most devastating accidents happen to us when we least expect them. When we’ve done nothing to be proactive about their possibility. But accidents happen every day and so the best way to deal with them is to be prepared for them. Does your office or business have a safety plan in place in the event of a fire or other emergency?


If not, here are a few tips to get you started:


1. Designate a safety officer


Whether your business employs five or 500, you should have a safety officer. This person is the one in charge of organizing safety routes and meeting places in the event of an emergency. A copy of that plan should be documented and kept in a visible place in the office.


2. Check the stairwells


Make sure stairwells and other tight spaces are clear of boxes and other hazards.


3. Enforce smoking areas


Smoking should only be allowed in designated smoking areas and this policy should be strictly enforced to prevent accidental fires.


4. Regularly check wiring


Sometimes fires can start seemingly out of nowhere due to frayed wiring or broken connectors. Never have too many plugs plugged into a single outlet without a surge protector and avoid large clusters of wires around outlets.


5. Maintain any office machinery


Just because you can’t drive them around doesn’t mean your office machinery shouldn’t be well-maintained. Keeping them clean and removing any piled up debris can reduce the risks of a machinery malfunction and potential fire.


6. Keep fire extinguishers updated


This should go without saying. But always make sure you’re fire extinguishers are up to date and have been properly tested and inspected by qualified personnel.


7. Check sprinklers


If your office or building is fitted with a sprinkler system (as it should be), you should take care to regularly check the system is functioning properly and haven’t been painted over or damaged.


8. Get a GOOD alarm system


By far the best tip we can offer is to invest in a quality alarm system from a company you can trust like Millennium Fire and Security.


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