October Is Crime Prevention Month!

Just having a security system can help significantly reduce the risks of experiencing or falling victim to a crime but unfortunately, they can’t eliminate risk completely.


However, owning and maintaining a security system can aid law enforcement in resolving a situation should a crime occur. We constantly see these stories on the news and in the media—criminals caught on security and cctv cameras like those installed by Millennium Fire and Security, many times leading the police directly to an arrest.


Did you know that many local law enforcement departments have a surveillance system database where local businesses and residents can register to join? Essentially, creating a community network of surveillance. Programs like these can save time for law enforcement seeking to get dangerous criminals off the streets.


Angela White, president of the Electronic Security Association states, “Video surveillance functionalities and security technologies used in both residential and commercial settings are continuously evolving. From facial recognition capabilities to auto-zoom and tracking, these features can go a long way in supporting local law enforcement investigations.”


Security systems can also help thwart crimes in real-time thanks to their integrated video and audio technologies and accessibility across devices.


The arena of security is a fast-evolving one, growing at exponential rates. If these systems are already helping solve crimes now, imagine where we’ll be in 5-10 years.


At Millennium Fire & Security we specialize in your safety and use the best and newest technologies to help keep you and your business safe. Call us to learn more about our security systems, CCTV, access control, and fire alarms.