From Millennium Fire and Security, Thank You to All Involved in Coronavirus Response


As it appears now, Florida seems to be heading in a better direction regarding coronavirus. Cases per day are now lower than the recent spike, and it appears to be flatlining, with no consistent increase over the past few months. Of course, we are all committed to remaining vigilant. At the same time, it’s nice to see the numbers go down as we continue to do our part to keep it that way. For this struggle, caseload, and progress, we at Millennium Fire and Security, Inc. would like to thank the brave men and women who have helped combat the novel coronavirus.


For the last eight months, which has felt like forever for us, doctors, nurses, and other health officials have been working tirelessly to treat their patients. Given that this virus was relatively unknown, they had the extra responsibility of being careful and precise in treatment. Their important and life-saving work has not gone unnoticed. Since we have an understanding of protection, we at Millennium Fire and Security thank you all in the health community for your hard work and dedication.


Grocery store managers and employees also dealt with the craziness of this pandemic. With bulk and panic buying, supply issues, and disinfection of crowded areas, grocery store staff have had a stressful yet rewarding task. Others in the food related industry are restaurants, truck drivers, and delivery personnel. With careful attention to health and cleanliness at the center of deliveries and food preparation, restaurants gave this state a great service. We want to thank all of them for their overall patience and care under tense circumstances.


We would also like to express deepest gratitude for the business and government officials who put so much effort in coronavirus response and health equipment for Florida’s residents. The daily decisions are not easy and require fortitude and strength when lives are at stake.


Now that school has begun, teachers and school personnel are finding innovative ways to help students learn in unfavorable circumstances. We want to thank all the creative teachers who can make a Zoom call interesting, the educators who have problem solved how to keep the learning space safe for those in class, and the cleaning personnel who are doing double duty to keep the schools sanitized.


Though it’s been a difficult year, the best of people was shown through the hard work, dedication, and medical care put into slowing, stopping, and treating COVID-19. Again, thank you all who have been fighting and working relentlessly. We at Millennium Fire and Security don’t want you to go unnoticed. We see you, and we salute you!