Going Beyond The Smoke Alarm!

Not all alarm companies are the same. Some keep their employees in the dark so they can’t “see what’s going on behind the scenes.” We strive to have the best trained employees in the industry so our clients receive the best possible service! That’s what we’re all about.


Do you remember being told not to play with fire? Guess what? You are if you don’t have a monitored smoke detector in your home. The average house can burn down in 7 minutes. Is your family worth it? We think the answer is “yes”.


We also think the best alarm system is the only alarm to consider. We offer only the best and our employees are trained to be top-notch alarm system installers. What makes all of our technicians the best, our installers and service people the best is we train, train, train them! We want our guys to be the absolute best. I want our company to be the best. We want you, our valued client, to be happy. We want your referrals to your friends and family. So, we will do whatever it takes to install and maintain your alarm system the best we know how. We go beyond state regulations.


With that said, give me a call. Let’s talk. I will answer any and all of your questions. Before we do business, I will make sure you know exactly what we’re installing and why it’s the best.