Safety Tip: Keeping Your Home Or Business Safe

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your home or your business, you need to be safe. One of the best ways to make your space safe is with adequate lighting.  It’s quick and it’s easy, and it’s the least expensive.  Some motion detecting lights cost as little as $10 each.  Burglars and other criminals don’t like light. That’s why they work at night.  They sneak around.  If you don’t have a burglar alarm yet, start with lights.  We install burglar alarms too, and we’d be happy to install one for you, but until you’re ready, lighting is a great option.


Criminals sneak around in the dark. They work the night shift because they aren’t easily seen. They often wear hoodies or masks and hats. Nothing against hoodies, hats, or masks, but they do hide faces. Lighting will expose the person who is lurking around your property. They don’t like that.  Lights with motion detectors are even better. The lights aren’t on until they get near them, then their cover is gone. Most likely, they will flee.


Another suggestion is to keep your bushes and shrubs trimmed so no one can hide behind them. Plant bushes with thorns. Make it uncomfortable to hide on your property.  When the crooks move away from the bigger bushes, your motion detector lights will go on. Watch them run.


Still worried? Call us for an estimate on a burglar alarm system. We have many to choose from, one for every budget. We back our work and we’ll help keep those bad guys away. Adequate locks on windows and doors are also a good deterrent. Whatever you do, stay safe. Give us a call when you need an alarm.


Have a great day!