Handling Workplace Violence in the Office


The best way to provide security for your business is by using safety systems. Granting a safeguard against illegal activities, dangerous fires, burglary and other suspicious behavior, security systems keep you and your employees safe. When your employees are aware that you take their lives seriously, and want protection for them, they’ll be more comfortable when they come to work. Such a setting is good for morale. We at Millennium Fire and Security, Inc. take special consideration of your safety needs and are more than happy to assist.


While security systems are necessary and useful, they don’t stop all illegal behavior. We are aware of this unfortunate fact, which is why we want to use this article to point out some ways to deal with such events. Workplace violence and conflict is a potential trouble area you’ll need to know how to deescalate and avoid. Here are three steps on what to do in the occurrence of workplace violence:


Identify behavior.


Being aware of suspicious and angry attitudes, actions and words is beneficial to avoiding conflict. If certain employees seem to hold grudges against one another, then find an atmosphere where resolution can take place calmly. Grudges could slide into outbreaks. If someone is intimidating others, having outbursts of anger, incessantly talking about weapons and violence, and playing blame games, then be aware of possible incidents and take steps to resolve the issue. Develop a policy for reporting so hostile behavior can be identified without fear of retaliation.


Use appropriate action.


Always take such violent possibilities seriously. Threatening or violent perpetrators should be fired. When issues can’t be resolved and a dangerous event seems imminent, then alert security or the police. Don’t confront them yourselves. Be familiar with exits and if an individual is threatening, don’t leave the building all by yourself.


Avoid physical confrontation.


In the event of a violent action, remain calm and don’t try to play the hero. Strategies for deescalating tension are not arguing back, not responding to threats, avoiding responses that would increase anger, and stopping yourself or anyone else from going anywhere with the violent person. Always make sure to report such cases immediately.


Proper safety requires both technological systems and a proactive security mindset and action. If security is what you’ve been looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll work within your budget, ensuring you obtain the safety you need. We also offer maintenance plans for your systems. Call us today at 407-890-0506 to talk with us!