How AI Can Benefit Security Systems

Artificial Intelligence Security System

Artificial Intelligence Security System


These days everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). It is an exponentially expanding area of tech that promises to bring paradigm-shifting changes to the way we live, work, and play and is often described as machine intelligence rather than the natural intelligence (NI) of humans and animals.


Don’t let the futuristic terminology fool you. Machine learning is already here and many of us interact with this technology everyday. Siri, Alexa, our Nest thermostat, and our Pandora or Spotify Playlists are all examples of machine learning or artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence isn’t a new concept, and hasn’t been since the birth of Big Data tech companies like Facebook and Google. But it wasn’t until major advances in computer processing speeds and data collection that AI took center stage in technology development.


This is where physical security comes in. Think of data like gas or any type of fuel, really. It’s the lifeblood that feeds machine learning. And security systems are great at gathering and aggregating that information. Video cameras and sensors can record massive amounts of data that can stored and analyzed or used to advance machine learning further and make systems and devices even smarter.


Some of the ways AI will affect security practices include:


  • Video – Analyzing what we see. Identifying behavioral patterns and alerting personnel.
  • Drones & Robots – UAVs and UGVs for continuous monitoring and facility enforcement.
  • Natural Language Processing – Being able to understand what we say and respond with intelligent and relevant data.
  • Speech Translation – Translating what we say into other languages for better communication.
  • Anomaly Detection – This goes back to pattern recognition. Detecting activities that are out of the ordinary and responding with the appropriate measures.
  • Activity Recognition – interpreting human movement and responding as deemed necessary.


Some of these technologies are already here and being adapted very quickly, so it’s important to understand how they work because human-machine interactions are only going to increase in the future.


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