Preventing Fire in Data Centers and Computer Rooms


It used to be that the most important room in a business was the area where the safe was kept. This is still a very sensitive space, however, these days, a computer room or data center serves as the “nucleus” for many businesses.


Meaning a fire in this area of your facility could destroy not only the expensive computer equipment, but the vital data—and lifeblood of your business—that it processes and stores. Any technological downtime or subsequent loss of mission-critical information could have devastating consequences for your operation.


Thankfully, Millennium Fire and Security has compiled the following list of prevention tips that can help minimize your risk of a data center or computer room fire:


Manage the paper clutter


One of the easiest ways to minimize fire risk is to minimize what could potentially be used as kindling. Don’t allow your computer room or data center to become a repository for stacks of paper documents or other combustible materials. If you print a lot of documents, keep them stored in an out-of-the-way location instead of creating large piles.


Inspect power cords


The typical data center is a maze of cables and cords that connect all your computer equipment. Check the condition of the cords periodically and replace those that are worn or frayed.


Implement good housekeeping practices


Dust that accumulates on and around your computer equipment is also a significant fire hazard. Make sure your office cleaning protocols include regular cleaning and dust removal for your computers, servers, printers, copiers, etc.


Institute a fire response plan:


Always have at least one fire extinguisher in the room and provide training for your employees on how to use it. Integrate an escape route from the room into your facility’s fire evacuation plan.


Install a fire protection system


While you may have a sprinkler system in other areas of your building, water-based fire sprinklers are not a wise choice for a data center — water can damage your sensitive electronic equipment. A clean agent fire suppression system is a better option for a computer room environment.


Schedule regular fire inspections


A timely inspection of your company’s fire prevention systems will verify that your building is fully protected against the possibility of a fire. It will also ensure compliance with local fire codes — and give you peace of mind.


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