It Takes a Tough System to Prevent Tough Crimes


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we understand the crucial benefits that come with owning and operating a security system. That is why we make sure our safety and security products are perfect for each and every situation. Installing a security system for your business is the smart decision to make. Better to take the time to have protection in place than be a victim of a crime.


According to the FBI, a robbery occurs every 15 seconds. That means that in the amount of time you spent reading this blog so far, a burglary already happened. A report from the U.S. Department of Justice showed that burglaries tend to be the highest during the summer months. The FBI also found that there are 1,324,090 burglaries during the night. Thousands of dollars can be stolen in the event of a robbery. Given these statistics, security would be an effective action to take.


One helpful fact to know is that thieves are less likely to rob a place they know has a security system. Places without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. The mere simple presence and thought of a security system can ward off possible break-ins and other crimes. Remember, it takes a tough and crafty system to stop tough and crafty crimes. If you want to stop a burglary from happening at your business, then security equipment is right for you.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we provide the right security systems for you. Our security alarm will alert authorities of any break-ins. Round-the-clock monitoring from our Central Station in Longwood means your building is always safe. The closed-circuit camera equipment will assist in identifying suspicious persons and warding off illegal behavior. Lastly, our access control systems ensure only people with appropriate credentials can enter a building or room.


We strive to provide quality service to our customers, ensuring satisfaction and top-notch security equipment. We will work within your budget and needs to make sure you get the necessary security systems. We don’t want anyone to be left behind. If you’re looking for security or need more information, call us at 407-890-0506.