How to Prevent and Warn of Vandalism


As a business owner or landowner, you want to ensure your office building looks nice and respectable. With trees and other foliage on the property and an inviting building look, you can achieve a respectable appearance. Your care and investment can be ruined in an instant when vandalism occurs.  Fortunately, we at Millennium Fire and Security, Inc. are here with a solution.


Vandalism can come in many forms: graffiti, breaking windows, egging a building or car, and damaging private property. These types of destruction occur most often during the night when no one is watching. When defacement happens, it can be a tiring, seemingly wasteful, and expensive process in repairing or cleaning.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we have two systems that help prevent and warn of vandalism. Our closed-circuit camera system (CCTV) can record video to help identify and possible catch any vandals. Even the mere presence of a camera may ward off any mischievous behavior and make the criminal think twice before acting. Our CCTV system alerts of motion via text and is built to last 10+ years. You can also have real-time access to the cameras through the internet.


Another piece of safety equipment we offer that warns of vandalism is the security alarm system. If anyone were to break the glass windows, the alarm would sound, alerting emergency services. Not only would this warn of property damage, but it may even prevent an outright robbery. Our easy to use system has remote access from your phone or computer. With a warning of vandalism, it stops further damage and assists in finding the perpetrator, which may prevent future crimes.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we want our valued customers to be safe and secure. We believe that safety comes before anything else. If you have had trouble with vandalism in your area, then installing these systems is a smart investment. We offer affordable maintenance plans for our products so your safety system can always function properly. Call 407-890-0506 to talk to us today.