New Safety Technology That Protects Health


After the Coronavirus pandemic, new measures in keeping people from getting sick will become prevalent. The general attitude when it comes to disease prevention may change and require new regulations for sickness checks. Disney ® has already said they will begin to check temperatures at their parks. This will bring in technology that will make illness detection and prevention measures easier. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we are here to showcase such technology.


The safety of our customers is our crucial goal, and with the world being shook by COVID-19, safety is now considered in different ways and perspectives. Luckily, there is an easy and effective tool in securing the wellbeing in health. It is the Thermal Camera.


The thermal camera is a new type of technology many companies and places will consider. This camera is able to identify the body temperature of people passing by, determining whether or not they have a slightly elevated temperature or a high fever. This inventive equipment has the capability to monitor numerous people from a distance of 9.8 feet away and 4.3 feet wide. When an abnormality is detected, a visual alert will appear.


This thermal camera technology eliminates the hassle of personal contact, making temperature checks frictionless, fast, and effective. Places like airports, theme parks, convention centers, hotels, churches, stadiums, and more will benefit in utilizing Thermal Cameras.


While safety and security systems are commonly known for fire and crime prevention, this historical event is changing the definition of safety/security to encompass health. Thermal Camera systems will assist in providing protection for people, making it easier to identify possible illness carriers and helping to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we will always ensure we have the latest resources in safety for our customers. Our business rests on the security of our valued customers, so we offer systems and affordable maintenance plans so you can remain safe. If you want to learn more about Thermal Cameras, call us at 407-890-0506, and we’ll answer your questions.