To the Orlando Police and Fire Departments, Thank You


At Millennium Fire and Security Inc., we offer numerous safety systems built to protect our customers from tragedies such as fires, burglaries, vandalism, and more. First, our security alarm system sounds off and alerts the authorities when someone breaks in. Second, our closed-circuit camera system (CCTV) helps identify any suspect and may ward off any mischievous behavior. Third, our access control system ensures that only people with the correct credentials can enter a building and/or room. Last but not least, our fire alarm system warns of fires before it’s too late.


Even though we specialize in safety and security equipment and do our part in the protection of the Orlando community, we recognize that the real heroes are the fire and police departments. The ones who run into the burning buildings, put out fires, confront criminals, stop robberies, treat injuries, and save lives are the heroes of the community. We at Millennium Fire and Security say a heart-felt thank you, and deeply appreciate the work and diligence that you, the authorities, exhibit.


In March, an Orlando fire fighter returned home from deployment as a helicopter pilot in Iraq. His name is Caesar Mustelier, and he has been with the Orlando fire department since 2017. Being a firefighter allows him to live his passion in helping others, he told the local news. He’s glad to be back with his family and the fire department. We want to thank Caesar Mustelier, and others like him, for serving our country and community.


Again, we are very grateful for the Orlando police and fire departments for giving up their time to keep us safe. We understand the dangers of those jobs, so thank you very much!


If you need any of the previously mentioned systems that helps the authorities, reach out to us! At Millennium Fire and Security, our number one goal is to keep our customers safe. We will work within your budget to ensure you receive the system you need. We strive to satisfy all the safety needs of our customers. Call us at 407-890-0506 to schedule an installation appointment with us!