Keep Your Car Safe During the Winter Months


If you’re a business owner, then you’re probably aware that you can be held liable even for incidents that occur in your business’s parking lot or garage. This is why it’s very important to provide these areas security coverage such as cameras and motion-detecting lighting.


It’s not uncommon for opportunist criminals to target employee vehicles in business lots out of hope that there may be inventory, merchandise, or other valuables in that employee’s possession, especially as the holiday season approaches. High ticket items like electronics or designer apparel left in vehicles are prime targets for crime.


Therefore, it’s important to make sure all employees know how to keep their vehicles and belongings safe during the winter months.


  1. Don’t leave the car “warming up”

Warming up our cars seems to be a harmless act, but leaving the keys in the ignition, the car unattended and unlocked is an open invitation for a thief to easily hop in your car and drive away.


  1. Tell employees to park in a secure location

If you offer employees parking in a designated lot or garage, make sure they are parking in these spaces. Offer them additional tips for improved safety such as parking under lights, and avoiding “hidden” areas. Most thieves would pass up your car for someone’s parked outside if yours was secured inside your garage.


  1. Invest in a remote car starter

If you prefer to warm up your car on colder days, consider investing in a remote car starter. These devices allow you to start your car from a remote location while it remains locked. They are easily installed and fairly priced.


  1. Car security systems

Most major carmakers today have basic security as an included feature in their vehicles. Be sure to use it. Even if someone breaks into your car, they’ll be less likely to steal your belongings or the vehicle itself with a blaring alarm going off.


  1. Keep the 3 M’s in mind

Never leave personal items like mail, medication, or money openly visibly in your vehicle as this may encourage a thief to break in.


  1. “I’m just running in for 2 minutes”

It takes 10 seconds to steal a car and it takes 2 seconds to take the keys out of the ignition. Turn your car off when you get out of it. Be smart. A car is stolen every 43 seconds in the U.S., don’t be a victim to car theft. Don’t leave your keys in the ignition and always be aware of the personal belongings you leave in the car.


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