Security solutions: Enterprise video management systems (VMS)



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means an enterprise video system is more like an encyclopedia. Live video from multiple buildings can provide enterprise security teams with the detailed information it needs to maintain the safety of people and property.


Cameras are an extra set of eyes that can protect interior and exterior spaces but there are many challenges in setting up a video system. One of the biggest is making sense of the vast amount of data network-enabled cameras provide – this is where a video management system comes in. A VMS system is sophisticated software able to support potentially thousands of cameras from virtually anywhere on an enterprise network.


VMS systems can be programmed to act on alarms that can notify security personnel by email or text messages. In conjunction with an access control system, VMS software can activate other security system components such as lighting or gates. A VMS can also record sound from audio-enabled cameras and in many cases can act as intercoms enabling two-way voice communication between a remote site and the security operations center.


Many enterprise organizations use a VMS as a central platform for monitoring and controlling video and building systems. VMS software can run network and system health checks to warn users of any failures and it also offers data encryption, which can provide higher levels of network security.


Video cameras are a well-known hog of enterprise network bandwidth but VMS software can help by monitoring cameras and only transmitting and/or recording video when motion is detected within a camera’s view.


This is only a taste of the capabilities a VMS can offer. Talk to your Millennium Fire and Security today about the ways VMS software can help your organization tame its volumes of video