Make Sure Your Safety Systems are Ready For 2020

With the new year approaching, it’s smart to reassess the security and/or fire detection systems your company has been using. You may need to replace some old technology or research and install a new system. We all like to set goals for the new year, and this year, you can make safety your top priority. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we offer both security and fire prevention systems for you.


Make sure your business is safe during 2020. Some useful information to help you start planning is what time of year burglaries and fires are at their highest. From this data, you can begin your research for what system you may need and set deadlines for installation. However, the best time to install any safety system is as soon as possible. Safety should always be the number one priority.


In the summer, burglaries tend to be more common. According to Statista, the months of June, July, and August render a ten percent increase in robberies. Given this information, you’ll want to make sure you have a fully up-to-date security system you have learned how to use as you head into those warmer months. Our closed circuit camera system (CCTV) will help identify any thief and may prevent mischievous or criminal activity. With our monitored security alarm systems, authorities will be notified when the alarm sounds in the case of a break-in. An access control system stops any unauthorized individuals from entering the building. Plan ahead now to make sure your systems are installed or updated by the summer to help you prepare for 2020.


According to the American Red Cross, December and January are the peak months for fires in buildings. Ensuring all your fire prevention systems are up to date is crucial, given that one of the most prone months is at the beginning of the new year. Our fire alarm systems meet or exceed all NFPA and local codes. Our systems are equipped with heat and smoke detectors, manual pull stations, smoke evacuation systems, and more. We service all major brands of fire alarms. Make sure your fire prevention is up to par for 2020.


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we believe that security and safety are number one. Don’t wait to install any fire or security systems. Your protection is important. Call us at 407-890-0506 for more information.