Preventing Employee Theft with Security Upgrades

Preventing Employee Theft

Preventing Employee Theft


When we think of retail theft, we think of items being stuffed into a large bag or underneath baggy clothing by shoplifters who then scurry out of the store, avoiding detection. But what if there were an otherwise trusted employee managing a covert operation from the inside? If you own a business, employee pilfering should be as much of a concern as external theft. Don’t know how to begin safeguarding yourself?

Start here:


  1. Be aware and prepared


Tackling the issue of employee theft isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, taking preventative measures can help keep you, your inventory, your customers, and even other employees safe from harm. Consider employing an access control system. Provide authorization just to select employees by way of key codes or fobs. This ensures that not only do you remain alert regarding stockrooms and certain inventory, but there is a recorded log of every entry made to that designated area.


  1. CCTV captures crime


If you suspect wrongdoing from an employee, catching them in the act may prove difficult if you’re simultaneously trying to manage daily orders of business. This is a time where you could benefit from a closed circuit television (CCTV) system. In-house cameras can record all transactions and events on the sales floor, and many can alert you when something has gone awry. Catch instances of register skimming, inappropriate discount use, and more.


  1. Don’t abet the threat


The United States Chamber of Commerce reports than an estimated 75 percent of personnel steals from their employer at least once, with half of that statistic belonging to repeat offenders. Don’t help them get away! Millennium Fire and Security can provide a threat assessment so you know exactly where your building stands when it comes to security.


Trust our team to supply the best and most effective security systems for your business. Your situation is unique, and your safety plan should be, too!