Protecting Your Property


Did you know that burglars use a 3-component decision-making strategy when they burglarize a business?


  • First, they assume that your property contains some minimal potential gain.


  • They plan carefully to see if your business can be burglarized easily with a fast exit. Many people assume criminals are unintelligent, but not so according to studies done by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.


  • They evaluate all risk factors including if a business is occupied. They want easy entry.


Criminals are opportunistic and do not use rational thinking when they commit crimes, but they are easily deterred and will run off if something spooks them.


The presence of a guard dog, security hardware, and people in the area as witnesses can scare them off.  But, most burglars are looking for drug money.  Some are on drugs while committing a burglary because the fear factor is reduced when they are high.  And if they don’t find the payoff expected, they often vandalize out of anger. One thing is for sure, you never want to unknowingly walk in on a burglary in progress.


If you own a service business, you may have a client’s property in your trust. You have the responsibility to keep it safe. A jeweler repairing a family heirloom diamond broach not only risks the loss of the precious jewelry but the loss of a client and a possible lawsuit.


A monitored alarm system installed by Millennium Fire & Security will make your business undesirable to criminals. A silent alarm is a criminal’s nightmare!


The police are prepared to handle an armed burglar who will stop at nothing to get away. Criminals will do whatever it takes to avoid jail including hurting you.


Secure your property. Call Millennium Fire & Security today for a free safety evaluation.