Silent Security Saves Lives


“A business owner renting space from another business in the same building was contacted at home by his alarm company. He was informed that there was indication of a break-in at his place of business. The business owner told his alarm company to call the police. The police arrived within minutes. There was an active shooter on the premises. When the armed intruder was subdued, 7 innocent lives were saved.”  


A safe working environment includes a monitored security alarm system and security cameras.  In a dangerous situation, seconds count. An armed intruder has the upper hand. No one is expecting to be harmed at their place of employment or at home, and most people are not prepared to escape a highly volatile situation.


A silent monitored security system installed by Millennium Fire & Security saves lives.  When a security system is monitored, the security company receives a silent alarm alert that someone is threatening you at your business or home, and the police are immediately dispatched. In this case, the owner was off premises. He received a call on his cell phone from the monitoring company and gave the okay to contact the police.


This scenario can happen to anyone at anytime.  It can happen at a home or a business.  Would you have the presence of mind to handle a situation with an armed intruder?  Does your office have a plan in case of an emergency?  Is your family safe at home while you’re away?  Are you safe while you’re asleep?


Millennium Fire & Security can answer all of these questions and more. We provide the best security systems available. Whether it’s your home or your business, we’ve got you covered.  Ask about our wireless security cameras.  Call Millennium Fire & Security today.