Germs Cannot Be Seen Or Heard


Guidelines for operating a grocery store, restaurant, or food manufacturing plant all have one specific rule. They must practice strict hygiene with regards to equipment, surfaces, and storage areas. They also must require their employees to be educated in hygienic practices. Classes are taught regarding the difference between “clean” and “health department clean.”


Case in point:  Standard operating procedures were being followed at a food processing company in a large city. The manufacturer had 800,000 square feet of operating space and followed stringent quality control.  The FDA requires that all employees, visitors, and office personnel follow stringent quality control guidelines especially when it comes to cleanliness around food. Everyone was required to wear a smock and hairnet when entering the food processing area of the plant.


They had one problem, however. Delivery people walked in from the outside to announce their presence and ask where their shipment should be placed. They would enter the building unaware, or unconcerned of the cleanliness protocol in food preparation. The plant would immediately shut down and all food products on the floor had to be discarded. This cost the food plant approximately $30,000 per incident.


Millennium Fire & Security installed magnetic locking devices on external doors with a video intercom system. The personnel were now able to screen anyone requesting entrance and were able to unlock the appropriate door for deliveries saving the manufacturer thousands of dollars.


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