Where’s The Beef?

“Recently, a large manufacturing company that produced and supplied meats and vegetables to a popular chain convenience store noted a large discrepancy in their production inventory and items delivered. The total dollar amount was $70,000 per month. Millennium Fire & Security was hired to help figure out what the problem was. The manufacturing company employed security guards at night so the missing food was considered either an inside job or a huge miscalculation.”


Millennium Fire & Security designed and installed a high-definition camera system for both inside and outside the production facility. Activity was recorded for a minimum of 45 days at a time. Upon reviewing the video during a one-week cycle, it was discovered that employees along with the paid security guards were taking the product.  The security guards were also observed placing the product in a nearby dumpster and retrieving it later.


When it comes to thieves, thought and planning goes into every heist!  Millennium Fire & Security takes burglary seriously and will do what it takes to solve your security issues.


We design security systems, cameras, and pricing plans to fit almost every budget, using the latest technology. If your bottom line is shrinking and you don’t know why even some of the most honest people can be caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Crimes of this nature are considered felony burglary and can cost a person a year in jail. It pays to be secure.


Millennium Fire & Security will assist in every way possible to protect your business.  Don’t allow a thief to steal your profits. Thieves look for a weak spot in a business. Millennium Fire & Security has the knowledge and experience necessary to out-think the thieves. Call us today to find out how we can secure your investment.