Security and Service: How does your alarm company measure up?

Technician Installing Security System Using Screwdriver

Technician Installing Security System Using Screwdriver



One of the downfalls of high-tech alarm systems is that technical difficulties sometimes arise. How does your alarm systems company address these issues? Here at Millennium Fire & Security we understand the importance of security and will work to resolve malfunctions and glitches in a time-frame that doesn’t leave your business vulnerable.


This is how we resolved a technical issue for a customer that was buying service from a different alarm systems company:


“The client managed a facility consisting of five interconnected buildings, each with two fire alarm systems and one security alarm system. The facility was a mercantile occupancy with some manufacturing done on-site.


Whenever it would rain, the client would get a call saying there was a problem with the system. Usually, a zone that wouldn’t arm even with all the doors closed. The client would contact their alarm company and the company would send out a technician, usually a month or two later. When the technician arrived, it was always a different person unfamiliar with the equipment installed and the technical aspect of working with interconnected buildings. After inspection, the technician would conclude that underground wiring was the problem and needed replacing—a job that carried a $3,000 price tag.


So, the client brought his problem to Millennium Fire & Security, we investigated his system prior to any talk of entering into a contractual agreement. Something, the client said, that his old alarm company hadn’t done.


We provided the client with an estimate and scheduled a date to begin work. Two weeks later, the client called to thank us, stating that the system was finally functioning properly, arming and disarming as it should and that he had not received any more phone calls when it rained. When the client canceled his service with the other alarm company—a company he had done business with for 40 YEARS—the client said they acted as if it was no big deal.”


At Millennium Fire & Security, we take pride in IDENTIFYING and FIXING THE PROBLEM the right way, the first time.  Every client is a VIP in our eyes and deserves the best security and peace of mind we can provide.