Protect Your Business From ALL Intruders

Have you wondered about physical security systems? Have you operated your business without security for any length of time? Have you ever experienced external threats at your place of business?  Lots of questions need lots of answers. At Millennium Fire & Security, we hope we can answer every question you have. Actually, we know we can.


Many people wonder what Millennium Fire & Security does. Well, here’s an example:


“Recently, a customer came to us and said they had employees who were either terminated or their spouses would come into their facilities and cause problems with their production for hours – an entire day was wasted while employees cleaned up the mess and got people out of the building. This happened several times during one week. Millennium Fire & Security suggested putting access control into their facilities. Access Control makes it possible for only certain people to get into the facility. Also, only designated people would have access to certain areas at certain times of the day. The cost for installment varies depending on what kind of production facility you have versus what you’re trying to accomplish. So, if you have to stop production for a day, how much is that going to cost you? So, it’s a win-win for the business owner to fix the problem and move on.”   – Chris, Millennium Fire & Security


As you can see, it’s not just the “bad guy” on the street that can do your business harm. Sometimes we just have to keep people honest because a security breech can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.


If you don’t have a security system, please contact Millennium Fire & Security for a free estimate. We do security systems right and we’ll be there to back our work.