Self-Security Tips for the Workplace


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we specialize in security system services. Keeping our valued customers safe in their place of work is our first priority. With the right security systems we offer, you can beef up the security of your business, hedging against any unwanted burglaries and keeping your employees safe. We provide a security alarm system so you and the authorities can be alerted, a closed circuit camera system to assist in suspect identification and possibly ward off illegal activity, and an access control system to ensure only people with the correct credentials can enter and exit certain places.


While a security system is always the smart choice to make, there are actions you can take to maintain your business’s security. Here are some self-security tips to further safeguard against any crime and danger:


Always keep doors locked.


You and many other people may already do this. However, it is worth mentioning here. You don’t want your company to be robbed because of the simple mistake of forgetting to lock the door. If it is your or someone else’s responsibility to lock the doors, make sure the key is always on your person, avoiding the real possibility of not remembering.


Stay prepared.


Having a plan for the case of an emergency, robbery, and/or fire always keeps you one step ahead of the possible threats. Have exit strategies in mind in the case of a fire and make sure you know the proper reaction when it comes to burglaries. Having an active safety-oriented mind keeps you and your coworkers safe. Our past blog, What To Do in the Case of a Fire gives more details on being prepared.


Speak up.


If you see any suspicious behavior, don’t hesitate to notify your superiors or, if you are an owner or manager, take action. If you have a plausible reason to believe a certain employee is a threat or may steal, take the necessary actions to prevent such events— alert the police and/or calmly confront the employee. A simple warning can keep you and others safe and secure.


With these self-security tips and the appropriate security systems, you can safeguard against robberies. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we don’t want any of our customers to be left behind. That is why we work with your budget to install an affordable security system so that you can get the safety you need. For more information, call us at 407-890-0506.