Small Business Crime Facts You Should Know

Information about crime in your location is important in crime prevention and Millennium Fire & Security is committed to protecting businesses from break-ins, petty theft, robberies, and vandalism.  When you become our client, your business is our business. Our communication does not stop once we install a security system.


Did You Know?


  • Business burglaries occur four times more often than residential burglaries. It’s true. Small businesses are the main targets in more than half of all commercial burglaries committed. And unfortunately, more than 80% of burglars are never With statistics like these, every business should be protected by a reliable security system.


  • Business owners in your area can also unite and form a partnership or local Crime Watch group. Businesses that watch each other’s backs are less likely to be burglarized. Looking out for each other will enhance your security and that of your neighbors.


  • Criminals watch for reduced activity and changes that may weaken your security and make your business more vulnerable to theft. For instance, since most burglaries occur at night, maintain adequate lighting during nighttime hours to deter crimes of opportunity.


Millennium Fire & Security will evaluate your location and your building both inside and out to provide you with recommendations you can take to protect your investment.  With plans to fit almost any budget, let Millennium show you how to outsmart the sneakiest of burglars with security systems, lighting, cameras, closed circuit monitoring, silent alarm systems, and so much more.


Start small and expand. Protect your future from thieves with a phone call.