Tips for Preventing Office Fires


With more than 3,000 people dying from fires each year, protecting against this danger is a serious business. It is always heartbreaking to hear the news of a fire. This troubling reality is why your office should take measures to prevent fires from happening in your building. The safety of your employees is always your number one concern.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we believe that no one should have to experience a fire. That is why we provide a fire alarm system service. All of our systems and products are up to NFPA and local state codes. We can install heat detectors, smoke detectors, door controls, and more.


Getting a fire alarm system is the right action to take in ensuring your employees are safe from fires. However, there are other measures you can take in preventing such events. Here are three tips for avoiding fires in your office.


Check Your Wiring

Make sure the wiring from your computers are not faulty. Most workplace fires are caused by either misuse or neglect of wires. This occurrence leads to shorts that start a burn. Check to see if there are any tangled wires and rearrange them to make them as straight as possible. Discard any frayed or damaged cords that may cause fires. Also, place them in areas where no one can step on them, minimizing the risk of damage.


Clean Up Loose Material

If there are any loose papers cluttering your desk, it is best to dispose of or organize them. Materials like paper and cardboard are fuel for a fire to catch and burn through quickly. When there are less loose materials, you can minimize the time a fire takes to spread.


Maintain Your Cooking Equipment

Offices that have toasters, coffee makers, or any other heated cooking devices should be aware when they are in use. When the day is done, unplug such devices before leaving and always make sure nothing is wrong with the equipment. Don’t leave napkins or paper cups around the cooking appliances. Instead, store them in separate cabinets or drawers.


It’s important to know whether or not your fire alarm system is up to date. If a new fire alarm system is what you’re interested in, we are here for you. Our systems include a monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance plan. We service all major brands of fire alarms, and we install both addressable and conventional systems, based on the size of the system.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we value the safety of our customers. Call us now at 407-890-0506!