Top 5 Ways To Discourage Burglars From Targeting Your Business

When strategizing over how to defend your business from burglars, often, the best place to start focusing is on prevention. You might not typically think of security in these terms, but stopping a burglary before it begins is more about persuasion than anything else.

When a thief is considering a burglary, a few things go through his head.

  • Is this an easy mark?
  • What are the chances of getting caught?
  • Is it worth the risk?

The nature of taking a chance implies that there are consequences for failing, but most people don’t have to worry about going to jail if they fail. When a thief decides to take his chances, it’s because he believes there’s a genuinely good possibility it’ll work out for him. At least, the more intelligent thieves think this way.

If you can dissuade a thief from attempting to steal from you at the first stage, then not only have you already won, but you’ve saved thousands in lost merchandise.

Here are the top 5 best ways to stop a burglar from even trying.


Make Security Visible

The first step to dissuading a thief is to convince him by displaying an unspoken promise of consequences. By making your security visible, you’re informing any would-be thieves that you’re keeping an eye on them should they decide to harm your business and therefore threatening to put them in jail.  The simple presence of a security camera is enough to make 50-60% of criminals give up or find another target.

Visible Cameras

You must make your security cameras easy to see from outside your business. Cameras are one of the first lines of defense that thieves look out for. If they see you’ve judiciously installed cameras to watch both the interior and the exterior of the building, then you’ve already dissuaded most criminals from trying to break in.

While we obviously suggest that you invest in functioning cameras, even fake ones will dissuade some thieves from trying.

Security Signs & Stickers

Some thieves aren’t as observant as others. While these criminals are the most likely to get caught, dissuading them from breaking a window before they realize you have a security system will save you a couple of hundred dollars in repairs.

Use security stickers and signs around all possible entrances to your building. If a thief doesn’t bother to scout the front for security before trying the back window, a sticker informing him of a security system may be enough to make him think twice.


Make Entry As Difficult As Possible

When a burglar asks himself whether your store is an easy mark, how much work you put into making the store accessible to him will significantly affect the answer to this question.

When large-scale department stores noticed they were being hit more often by “smash and grab” criminals, they began instructing their store owners to line up carts across the front doors to stop cars from slamming through the glass. By thinking this way, you’ll make a criminals job that much harder to accomplish.

Locks on All Entrances

Ensure that every door, window, and gate into your business is fastened shut with a lock. Leaving any entrance unprotected is an unspoken invitation for criminals to come in. Locks, even simple ones, will both dissuade low-tier criminals from even attempting to break in and provide a puzzle for skilled ones. Breaking a lock takes time with a lockpick or a lot of noise with a hammer, and criminals are fond of neither.

Bushes for Windows

Obstructing easy access to windows by placing thorned bushes directly outside them is a great way to make the process that much more challenging. The more difficult/painful you make it, the less likely someone will try to break in. Remember, thieves are generally looking for easy money.


Utilize Lights & Reduce Hiding Places

The prime objective of a criminal is to get away without being caught. The best way to do this is just like in the movies and video games, through the cover of darkness. By removing deep shadows and potential hiding places from your property, you place thieves in greater peril of failing that prime objective.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are a great way to scare would-be thieves, and the numbers support it.  By installing an outdoor motion sensor light, you drop the potential of a break-in by a whopping 39%!

Everybody loves it when a plan comes together, which is exactly why you want to create as many barriers as possible to thwart your criminal’s plan. Suddenly placing him under direct light puts him in immediate danger of being caught.

24/7 Indoor Lighting

We also thoroughly suggest lighting the inside of your business at all hours. If a criminal can somehow break inside, you don’t want to afford them the luxury of sleuthing in the dark.

If a passerby sees someone in a black balaclava rummaging through your inventory, they’re far more likely to call the police on your behalf. The light also makes it easier for your cameras to pick up the criminal’s features as proof.

Remove Cover

The more places there are to hide, the bolder a criminal will feel. Large decorative bushes and trees may look good, but they provide sight obstacles for thieves to hide behind. Remember, criminals want to work outside of view, whether that be in shadow or behind cover.


Reduce Enticement

The level of risk a person is willing to take is directly related to the promised reward; this is true of all risk scenarios, including legal ones. Even if you have the greatest security system known to man, someone will be willing to take the risk if your inventory is incredibly valuable.

Don’t Hide Them

Your first instinct might be to hide your valuables like high-cost merchandise or your money safe. We’re here to tell you this is usually a bad idea. By hiding your valuables somewhere that can’t be seen, criminals will be free to pilfer them away from public eyes. It also offers a level of comfort you don’t typically want your criminals to feel. The more anxiety/unease they feel when robbing your store, the more likely they will make a mistake.

Lock Them up

Instead of hiding your valuables, keep them within view, but lock them behind additional security. This could take the form of bulletproof glass for merchandise or bolting your safe down to the floor at the front of the store. If a criminal needs to stand at the front of your business to pick your safe or hammer through tempered glass, he’s far more likely to be seen by a passerby.

And that makes him very uncomfortable.


Implement a Loud Alarm

The last chance you have to dissuade a criminal from taking anything of worth is the moment they’ve passed the point of no return. Once a window has been smashed or a door unlocked, you want a loud alarm to scare them into running away.

For example, suppose your business is located in a populated area or at least in a place where police frequently patrol. In that case, your criminal will be doing everything in his power not to draw attention. Worst case scenario, they might take a handful of things within immediate reach, but a loud alarm is typically enough to make most thieves run the moment they hear it.


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