Three Great Results from a System That Warns Authorities


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., our security and fire alarm systems include numerous safety measures. Our fire alarm systems are equipped with heat detectors, manual pull stations, door controls and much more. Our security alarm systems feature battery backup and 24/7 monitoring through our local stations. It is also easy to use. Our goal is to provide safety and security for our customers, using the necessary and latest technology.


One thing these systems boast is that they contain the ability to alert authorities of dangerous events. In the case of a fire, burglary, or any other situations, authorities will be told so they can arrive on the scene. Here are three benefits to an alert feature on safety systems:


Saves Lives


It is amazing how many lives are saved and injuries averted when the police and/or firefighters arrive at the right time. By warning the fire department of a fire, they can rush to the emergency ready and quick, putting out the fire and rescuing people. In an event such as a fire, no time can be spared. This is also true of a dangerous person incident. Having a speedy and prepared response to any emergency saves lives.


Assists Authorities With Cases


The sooner the police arrive to a crime scene, the better. Alerting authorities assists them in identifying and finding the perpetrator. With fresh evidence and eyewitness accounts, police will have an easier time figuring out what happened and who was involved.


Stops the Crime in its Tracks


If the police are notified of a break-in, they may arrive at the best time, stopping and catching the suspect. Robberies can be cut short, having your valuables returned to you and preventing the tragic possibility of someone getting hurt. Stopping the crime while it is happening will greatly assist the victim of the burglary.


As you can see, systems that alert authorities are beneficial to all. To make sure our clients are always secured and safe, we offer monthly or quarterly maintenance plans so your systems can be functioning properly. We strive to provide that best protection services. Call 407-890-0506 for more on our alarm systems.