Thermal Camera Systems Will Soon Be Used at Most Businesses


While some of us have reopened our businesses, gone to the beach or gathered with family, coronavirus is still a threat, and everyone has been taking cautionary measures during reopening and recreation. Major businesses and small ones, parks to restaurants have been exercising protection. One way to ensure the health safety of employees and customers is by using thermal cameras. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we have been advertising this kind of equipment, highlighting its many benefits.


Thermal camera systems detect the temperatures of people passing by, identifying if they have a fever or not. This helps find any high fevers, especially those that may be in the hundred range, signaling coronavirus. Placing such cameras in high traffic areas and entrances/exits will be beneficial for spotting possible cases.


At Millennium Fire and Security, we believe that the majority, if not all, places and businesses will eventually install a thermal camera system. Companies will take health concerns as seriously as burglaries and fires, including them in liability concerns. The best and most effective way to avoid such liability is by establishing thermal equipment, adding another layer to COVID-19 prevention. For any business that may need such cameras, we’ll be here to help.


Amazon has already bought thermal cameras for their warehouses, making it easier to scan for fevers. Airports have also started testing thermal cameras. Disneyland in Shanghai is part of the list of those who have incorporated thermal cameras, with American Disney parks most likely to follow suit soon.


Thermal camera systems are much more practical too. Instead of temperature checks by mouth or forehead, all that must be done is stepping in front of a camera or walking by. This also avoids the contact between people that would come with a physical check, making this simple protection less invasive.


As you can see, the use of thermal camera technology is growing in frequency. If you are a business owner and want to get in early on this new safety measure, then reach out to us! We at Millennium Fire and Security are prepared and will work within your budget to make sure you acquire the safety you need. Give us a call at 407-890-0506!