We Are Proud to Continue Serving the City of Orlando


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we are proud to provide security services to the Orlando community. We want to do our part in keeping the people of this city safe, which is why our business model is to protect others with the right equipment. As our name says, we deal with security from theft, vandalism, and other crime, to safety from hazardous fires.


From our expertise and experience in security and fire systems and our experience with the city of Orlando, we know what the right approach is when it comes to the safety of the community. If you have used our products and services before and are happy with them, consider recommending us to adjacent offices, schools, retail stores, and other buildings. With our up-to-date security technology and your recommendation of our business, we can strengthen certain areas.


When the majority of the city has many safety systems installed, it protects individual businesses and others around them. When a community is well known to be guarded with security systems, burglars will stay away from the extra risk. And of course, when your building catches on fire, a fire alarm system will warn people, so they can evacuate their building before it spreads to where they are located, and other buildings can evacuate that are in close proximity to the fire.


If you do choose to recommend us to others, here is what we offer: An access control system that ensures only individuals with the correct credentials can enter designated areas and a closed-circuit camera security system (CCTV) that records possible perpetrators and may ward off mischievous behavior with its presence. Also, our security alarm system warns others and the authorities of a break-in, while our fire alarm system, equipped with fire detection technology, alerts people nearby, sends the fire department, and comes with smoke evacuation systems.


If a security system is something you’ve been looking for, then we’ve got you covered. Here at Millennium Fire and Security, we will work within your budget so you can get the safety you need. We also offer affordable and monthly maintenance plans so your systems can be fully operational. We can’t wait to continue to help Orlando. Call us at 407-890-0506 for more information!