Why Law Enforcement Is an Under-utilized Business Asset

When you’re the victim of a burglary, instinct urges you to call the police. But did you know that in the business world these types of crimes often go unreported? Roughly 24 percent of business crimes never reach law enforcement. There are many reasons for this, but an estimated 40 percent of business owners stated that they believe these crimes wouldn’t be prosecuted successfully. With another 46 percent doubtful of anything positive result coming from filing a report.


Lack of confidence in law enforcement and lack of faith for a favorable resolution to claims are commonplace in the business community. Some owners even believe these crimes are merely occupational hazards to be expected.


But crimes don’t only impact business, they also influence employee morale, consumer trust, and an owner’s peace of mind.  When crimes go unreported, statistics become inaccurate making law enforcement unable to appropriately protect its citizens. If no crimes are reported in an area, it is falsely assumed that the area is safe, which encourages opportunists to become repeat offenders.


Here’s what you need to do:


Keep employees engaged


Post instructions around your business so employees know how to file a report should an incident arise. Keep language clear and provide names and numbers for your local police, fire, or other emergency stations.


Install panic buttons


These are wonderful and inconspicuous tools to keep both employees and business assets safe in the event of a crime.


Maintain detailed records of access


If you receive deliveries, maintenance, or any other services at your business keep records. Include names, employers, and badge or ID numbers for all non-employee personnel given access to your property.


Keep your business clean


Opportunists look for the easy score. Taking advantage of disorganized and poorly maintained situations. Deter crime by always keeping your business looking clean and orderly inside and out.


Form strong relationships with law enforcement


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that police are people too. They are valued members of any community and should know the communities they serve. If you establish good rapport with local law enforcement they become even more aware of your safety and wellbeing.


Spot the red flags


Watch for any unusual activity like frequent visitors who don’t make purchases and groups.


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