Homeowners’ Associations Need Security Too

You’ve probably never thought of your HOA as a business per se, but it is. They collect dues while providing amenities and services to residents including maintaining large common property near residential homes, making them just another type of business entity. And as such, they are vulnerable to losses just like any other business.


Case Study:


Recently, a Homeowners’ Association switched their lock-and-key entry in a recreational area to a card system due to complaints that residents were having keys made and loaning them out to friends and family. Thus, allowing non-residents to enter the pool and gym areas of the subdivision without being members of the HOA. Switching to a card-based system solved the problem of keeping counterfeit keys from gaining access to secure areas since cards can’t be copied.


The card system is much more efficient than traditional keys which would require the changing of locks and/or access codes after a breach. Requiring a re-distribution of new keys or codes to residents and employees. You can imagine how going through this process each time an area is breached can quickly become expensive. But a card can be deactivated, eliminating the need to runaround.


Keeping Communities Safe


Instituting security checks and balances are wise investments for any business type and this includes an HOA. Installing cameras, secure entry or access control systems, and security alarms are the best way to mitigate losses incurred from non-residents and opportunist crime such as vandalism or property theft.


Security is a hot button issue for everyone these days and we all want to feel safe. But security systems can do more than protect against burglaries and theft. They can also resolve disputes by providing video evidence, they can help locate lost or missing individuals, and keep a watchful eye on properties when residents are away.


Is your HOA doing all it can for your neighborhood? Millennium Fire and Security offers free evaluations of your business.