When Opportunists Knock, Make Sure You’re Ready

top rated security systems

top rated security systemsOpportunists love an easy heist. Swift executions and swifter getaways are their mantras.  And while they may look for alarms and cameras, they don’t always see everything:


Case Study:  “The three men thought they had everything covered, especially the cameras. Counting on the police not arriving quickly, their plan—other than robbing the convenience store—was to get in and out in less than 30 seconds. The men were all wearing masks and blacked out the store’s mounted cameras with paint. But one guy, after finishing, removed his mask. Mistakenly believing that he was safe from any possible identification.”


In the heat of the moment, many opportunists don’t count on hidden cameras. And in most cases, they want to take the path of least resistance. Meaning no violence or shots fired, cash quickly surrendered, and a smooth getaway. But the problems with opportunist crime lay in the variables. The things they can’t know. Such as if there happen to be witnesses, or a nearby patrol car, or even the presence of simple preventative crime measures like hidden cameras.


They didn’t count on Millennium Fire & Security to be guarding this property.


Within a couple of hours, the police had a photo of the of the man who removed his mask. And with the help of the local community, John Doe was arrested before the day was over.


Just the presence of cameras can serve as a deterrent for crime. Even for opportunists, who will likely avoid the business alerting them of “hidden cameras on premises,” in favor of a less secured target. And many insurance companies will even lower premiums for business owners who invest in a security system.


So, whether you own a small business, a large business, or something somewhere in-between, there are many benefits to investing in your security.


Every door, every window, even skylights, and don’t forget the hidden cameras. Millennium Fire & Security has your back.