3 Common Causes for Residential Fires



Although the Florida economy is opening up again, many businesses are still choosing to keep employees working from home either full or part time, and most school districts have some variation of e-learning available to students. When case numbers rise and fall, we are more cautious about where we go for fun. These scenarios mean we are still at home more often as we continue into 2021. With more people at home more frequently, the chances of mishaps and fire-related accidents increase. Read on for three common causes of house fires so you can be aware and proactive.



Cooking Equipment 


As it turns out, cooking equipment is the leading cause of home injuries and fires. Make sure you have nothing flammable around stoves and ovens. Also, be careful not to put any metals accidentally in the microwave. Be alert when cooking, and always watch what is being cooked. If there is ever a grease fire, make sure to never use water to try to put it out. Water will only spread it. Instead, put a lid on it to choke it out, or use a fire extinguisher.





The NFPA says firefighters responded to an estimated 7,610 house fires that were caused by candles each year from 2014-2018. Nearly one-third of those fires started in bedrooms. When leaving the house, going to bed, or even leaving a room for an extended period of time, make sure you blow out any lit candles. Keep them one foot away from any objects that may possibly burn, and make sure your hair or loose clothing is out of the way when lighting. Place candles in holders that are sturdy and do not easily tip, and never let them burn down completely where the fire will get too close to the container. Finally, the NFPA recommends buying flameless candles. Many are also scented and flicker like real flames for that cozy feeling we all like when we are trying to relax.





A leading cause of fire deaths in the U.S. are smoking products such as pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. If you do smoke, make sure to always smoke outside and not inside. Use wide ashtrays and douse any cigar/cigarette butts with water to make sure they are completely out.


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