Home Security for Persons with Disabilities


Having a security system for your home is important. After all, it’s the place you live and where all your belongings are. When you go to work or are out of town, you want to ensure your home is locked and burglary proof. We at Millennium Fire and Security, Inc. are committed to providing the best in residential security.


If you have a disability or know a friend or family member who does, you may have modified your home for safety in your daily activities. It’s important to also be proactive when considering the security of your home as well.  Experts recommend a few steps you can take to increase your protection from crime in your home.



Ask your local police department’s crime prevention unit to give you a home inspection. This is a good place to start. Many police departments have officers in place for this purpose.  



Do not advertise that a disabled person lives in the home. One way possible thieves may know there is a disabled person in the home is by seeing ramps or other accommodations. Cover such equipment with plants or other outside decorations. Also, a removable handicap placard is useful if you park your car in the driveway. At the same time, get to know your neighbors well so they can keep an eye out along with you for any suspicious activity. They are an important frontline defense.



Plan for emergencies. While robberies are something you want to get away from, fires are something you especially want to have a plan for. Set up an emergency route, keep a fire extinguisher accessible, and test fire alarms. If it is difficult to walk, make sure you have a clear path of escape in the case of a fire or break-in. Remember to always turn off kitchen appliances so they don’t accidentally cause a fire.



Put good locks on all your doors. Police recommend double-cylinder, deadbolt locks. Make sure the locks you choose are easy for you to use.



Install peepholes on front and back doors at your eye level. This is especially important if you use a wheelchair. Be wary of who you open the door to.



Try to vary your patterns of behavior. Avoid establishing predictable daily activities to decrease your vulnerability. Vary the time for things like taking walks, getting the mail, and working in the yard.



Make sure you can trust individuals who may come to your home to help you. If you have hired a home care service who comes to your home, make sure you have fully vetted their credentials and they are aware your family, friends, and neighbors make frequent visits.


Whether you need a security alarm system, camera system, or fire alarm system, we’ve got you covered. We work within our customers’ budgets and offer maintenance plans so your systems can work properly 24/7. The best thing for house safety, whether from crime or fires, is a preventative system. Reach out to us today at 407-890-0506!


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