Everyone Hates Moving: A True Story

Our business recently moved offices.  And although the move wasn’t far (a whopping 100-feet to a nearby building), it was still awash with flurries of activity and emotion.  We were happy to be moving to a new-to-us office where we would no longer be packed elbow-to-elbow, but we were also apprehensive about the change.


During moving day, doors were open at various times with our people scurrying to and from the old and new offices. Imagine our surprise when in the middle of all the bustling activity, while we were under desks connecting equipment, that someone was bold enough to walk into the new office and steal.


This individual wandered around the area, grabbed an iPhone off a desk along with a couple other handheld items, and then promptly walked out. It only took a couple minutes before we noticed the theft. We were understandably shocked. How dare they, we thought. And how bold!


Didn’t they know we’re a commercial security company?


Fortunately for us, we have security cameras situated throughout the interior and exterior of our new offices. We identified the perpetrator and sought him out, based on the direction he headed on camera.


We found him across the street with the stolen items in his possession, informing him of our intentions to file a police report.  However, upon hearing that, he bolted down the street. Thankfully, the police were already on their way and, after looking at our cameras again, ultimately discovered his location and the individual was apprehended.


If you take nothing else from this tale, do take this: always be aware and functioning cameras don’t hurt either.


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