How Lighting Works as Extra Security


When owning and running a business, keeping up security is an important aspect. Protecting you, your employees, and your belongings comes first. At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we offer multiple security systems for our customers. Ranging in alarm systems to surveillance cameras, we have what you’ll need to safeguard against theft and other crime. However, there is another way you can provide security for yourself and complement our systems: good lighting.


Appropriate lighting around the building makes the place and anyone around it more visible. Lighting fixtures by the entrances, exits, the back, and the left/right sides should perfectly beam up your building, providing brightness to the area.


What does lighting have to do with safety and security? Well, with good lighting that encompasses most of the vicinity, you can establish a view of the location. Burglars will be less likely to stand in a lighted spot while they attempt to break in, for fear of being seen and caught. Well-lit buildings add another layer of security.


Motion sensor lights will turn on when they detect movement. So, if a thief were to attempt to steal, the light would flash on as they walk through the area, lighting them up and removing the ability to lurk or hide. Motion sensor lights also protect you as you approach your house, giving you better visibility to see your door, find your keys, and get inside faster.


How do properly placed lighting features complement our security systems? With the closed-circuit camera system (CCTV), the lighting will help brighten up the view for the cameras. When the cameras can see during the night, they can effectively view any possible burglars if a crime were to happen. Also, thieves will see the cameras due to the light, and think twice before trying anything suspicious.


While lighting is helpful and important, it shouldn’t be the only measure of security you have. We will install a security alarm system for you, equipped with 24/7 monitoring that alerts the authorities of any disturbance. Our access control system ensures that only individuals with the qualifying credentials can enter specific rooms. If security is what you’re looking for, then we are here for you. To schedule a day for system consultation or installation, call us at 407-890-0506.