Stories and Data Illustrate Security Systems are Effective


At Millennium Fire and Security, Inc., we offer a multitude of safety systems. Our security alarm system is equipped with 24/7 monitoring, alerts others and the authorities of break-ins. The closed-circuit camera system (CCTV) helps record and identify possible suspects and may even make thieves think twice about what they are about to do. Our access control system only allows individuals with the right credentials to enter approved buildings or confidential rooms. Lastly, we also provide fire alarm systems to warn people of fires so they can evacuate, and the fire department can arrive quickly.


Business owners may be skeptical of installing safety systems. They may ask, “How much do they really help? Is it a worthwhile investment for my money?” The answer is yes, they do help. Installing security systems assists not only you, but also others in your surrounding area. Take for example the story of Jennifer Edwards. Jennifer started to notice a rise in burglaries in her area, so she decided it was time to act and purchased an alarm system. One day while at work, she and the authorities were alerted to a break-in at her house. She returned home where she found the police had apprehended the perpetrator while he was breaking into multiple homes in her neighborhood. Thanks to the quick warning from her security system, all stolen items were returned, and justice was served.


Data has also been gathered that shows security systems are worth the cost. According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 15 seconds, which means one already happened while you were reading this. However, 60% of convicted robbers say the presence of an alarm system makes them stay away. Security and safety equipment prove to be beneficial.


Safety is always the top priority, which is why fire and security systems for your business are essential. Keeping you and your employees safe protects their well-being and shows respectability for others.


Are you looking to install security? If so, we at Millennium Fire and Security are ready and available. We will work within your budget so you can get the appropriate protection you need at affordable costs. We ensure our valued customers acquire the safety they require to feel assured. Want to know more? Talk to us at 407-890-0506.